Technical Notes


The handling and shipping of geotextiles presents a number of challenges because of the wide variety of products and sizes that are available. The following list of items needs to be considered when placing truckload orders.

Arranging Trucks

The product worksheets provided by Thrace-LINQ base the amount of material able to fit on a truck on a 48' high cube van trailer. This type of equipment will allow the most possible product to fit. Other equipment such as refrigerated units will substantially reduce the amount of product that will fit on a truck.

All orders must be sent to Thrace-LINQ Sales Service and released from Credit prior to arranging a carrier.

If a distributor elects to arrange their own carrier, the following items should be addressed with the carrier:

  • 48' or 45' high cube vans are the type of equipment that need to be requested for maximum capacity.
  • Equipment must be sent in empty without pallets or drums.
  • Carriers must call to arrange loading times in advance.
  • Please notify Sales Service as to what carrier will be used in order to expedite shipping.

Loading Trucks

The amount of material that constitutes a full truckload can be estimated by utilizing the Thrace-LINQ product worksheets. Thrace-LINQ Sales Service can assist in estimating square yard and weight limitations for your order.

When having trucks full to maximum capacity or weight is desired, please inform Sales Service at time of order what product can be added to fill truck.

If the possibility exists that an order may constitute more than a full T/L, inform Sales Service when placing orders which products can be decreased.

Special loading/off loading requirements such as having space left between the front of the trailer and 1st tier or leaving space between the rolls and roof of trailer need to be given to Sales Service at time of order (materials will shift during transport).

Shipments on flatbeds can only be made from out Summerville, SC location and must be arranged by sales service due to safety considerations. Flat bed rates are significantly higher than van rates and the quantity of material that will fit is less than a van.

Unloading Trucks

When unloading trucks, use packing list to check off roll #'s and products received in case of discrepancies.

Carriers normally allow approximately 3-4 hours for shipments to be off loaded. Be aware that additional charges will be billed by carrier if equipment is delayed for an excessive amount of time.

Drop charges of approximately $50.00 - $100.00 are assessed for more than one drop.

Most carriers do not allow drivers to assist in the off loading.


Instructions on using Roadway's easy rate system for less than truckload (LTL) shipments is listed below. Please use this system for those occasions when you need an approximation of your freight rate, but do not have time to wait for an actual rate. We must emphasize that these rates are only estimates. For more precise information please call your Customer Service Coordinator at 800-445-4675.


Listed below is Roadway's easy rate menu. This Roadway 800 Rating System can be used for long hauls/interstate shipments under 10,000 lbs. For short hauls/intrastate rates and weights greater than 10,000 lbs., please contact your Customer Service Coordinator at 800-445-4675.

  • Dial 1-800-ROADWAY (800-762-3929).
  • Select "Easy Rate," press 3 and # key.
  • Enter 5 digit origin zip code (Summerville 29483) _ _ _ _ _ and # key.
  • Enter 5 digit destination zip code _ _ _ _ _ and # key.
  • Enter freight class 7 0 and # key.
  • Enter weight _ _ _ _ _ (must be gross weight) as designated on Product Worksheets and # key.
  • Select "Total Charge," press 2 and # key.
  • Subtract 55% discount from dollar amount given for approximate freight rate.

Thrace-LINQ has discounted rates set up with Roadway Express, Yellow Freight, and Overnight. If we prepay the freight and add it to your invoice, you will receive the benefit of the above discount. Any shipments that are shipped to areas that are not direct points for these carriers will be interlined and will not get the discount. Check with your local Roadway office for direct point information.