Tech Notes
Understanding Minimum Average Roll Value (MARV)
Geotextile Sewing Techniques
Installation Guidelines for Roads and Other Horizontal Surfaces
Erosion Control Installation Guidelines
Prefabricated Drainage Composites: Battle Drain Installation Guidelines
Permeability? Permittivity? What Should be Specified?
The Role of Mullen Burst in Geosynthetic Specifications
Addressing UV Stability with Thrace-LINQ Geosynthetics
Filtration Design: A Look at the State of the Practice
Designing Geotextile Retaining Walls
High Strength Geotextiles: Long Term Design Allowable Strength
Using AOL(125EX) and AOH(130EX) Effectively in Asphalt Overlay Applications
Installation Procedures for Thrace-LINQ, Inc. TAC 711N
Sampling and Sampling Frequency of Nonwoven Geosynthetics
Freight Complexities
Chemical Resistance of Polypropylenes
Geotextiles Versus Geogrids in Pavements
Thermal Welding of Nonwoven Geosynthetics
Subgrade Stabilization/Separation
Metric Conversion Factors for Geosynthetics
GTF 550T/1000T/1500T High Strength Geosynthetics Chemical Resistance of Polyester Filament Yarns
AASHTO M288-96 Standard Specifications for Geosynthetics