Thrace-LINQ, Inc.

Thrace-LINQ™ is a global manufacturer and supplier of geosynthetics for a wide variety of applications.

Excellent products to do the job.

At Thrace-LINQ we believe in excellence, and it shapes every aspect of our business. That's why we insist on continuous product testing, and have invested in new nonwovens technology in Greece and in the U.S. to support our geosynthetics business. We also draw on our global presence to develop the right products at the right price, while offering our customers the added strength of local, responsive management. Driven by self-managed teams, our experienced workforce follows our products closely throughout the entire manufacturing process. And we constantly pursue technological innovation, with the goal of offering the latest solutions to our distributors.

The service to do it right.

We know that personalized service can make the difference between success and failure for an application. So we insist on relationship-oriented sales staff and offer responsive customer service. Our service and product selection also provide a high degree of flexibility. No matter your geosynthetic needs, we can find the right product for the performance you need.

At Thrace-LINQ, geosynthetics are our main business, and it shows in every roll we sell.