Thrace Plastics Co. S.A.

At Thrace-LINQ we believe in excellence, and it shapes every aspect of our business. That's why we Thrace Plastics, the parent company of Thrace-LINQ, manufactures and distributes synthetic woven fabrics, synthetic nonwoven fabrics, big bags, and products of rigid packaging worldwide. With headquarters in Greece, the company operates through three segments: Technical Fabrics, Consumer Packaging, and Industrial Packaging.

The Technical Fabrics segment produces woven and non woven geotextiles; woven ground cover, crop cover, flat, circular, and spunbond fabrics; and high density polyethylene monofilament nets. This segment also produces roofing membranes; staple and concrete reinforcement fibers; carpet, industrial, and sewing yarns; liners; webbing and tie tapes; and geogrids. Its products are used in construction, agriculture and horticulture, carpet industry, hygiene, and medical applications.

The Consumer Packaging segment produces cups and tubs; plastic round, rectangular, and oval containers and lids; bags; injection bottles; caps; and bottling equipment; and expanded polistyrene food packaging products for water bottling industry, liquid packaging, food industry, chemical, and fertilizer applications.

The Industrial Packaging segment produces ropes and twines, films, woven PP bags, FFS/PE heavy duty bags, palet covers, and stretch hoods for chemical, fish, and animal feed packaging applications.

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