Product Description

Thrace-LINQ agrotextiles provide superior performance for landscaping or groundcover fabric needs. Whether they are providing a stable, permeable layer for mulch or ensuring weed control in greenhouses or outdoor agricultural settings, our agrotextiles provide easy installation, durability and uniform functionality. Thrace-LINQ makes our agrotextiles available in both Ground Cover and Landscape Fabric (professional-grade) options for maximum suitability through our official partner, Lumite.

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform fabric protection, shielding soil from sunlight and retarding weed growth
  • Air and water permeability for retained soil moisture
  • Puncture- and tear-resistant construction
  • UV stability, resisting deterioration due to sunlight or light mulch cover
  • Frictional resistance to mulches, for reduces erosion on embankments
  • Convenient marker lines, enhancing plant alignment
  • Woven scrim with needle-punched fiber cap (Landscape)

For more information about Lumite, please visit their web site.

Product Information & Specifications