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Mullen Burst ASTM D3786 and Puncture D4833 will be removed from Product Data Sheets on January 1, 2010. Neither test method is recognized by AASHTO M288. CBR puncture D6241 has replaced D4833, under AASHTO M288. Mullen Burst is not recognized by D35 committee on Geosynthetics. For more information, please see Geosynthetics magazine.


Prevents or limits local perforation and abrasion damage to a given element or material by the use of a geotextile.

The following Thrace-LINQ products provide Protection. For specifications, please click on the product name.


600EX Environmental Nonwoven
800EX Environmental Nonwoven
1000EX Environmental Nonwoven
1200EX Environmental Nonwoven
1600EX Environmental Nonwoven