Use the Product Finder to identify Thrace-LINQ geosynthetic products that meet your project requirements.

Mullen Burst ASTM D3786 and Puncture D4833 will be removed from Product Data Sheets on January 1, 2010. Neither test method is recognized by AASHTO M288. CBR puncture D6241 has replaced D4833, under AASHTO M288. Mullen Burst is not recognized by D35 committee on Geosynthetics. For more information, please see Geosynthetics magazine.

Product Finder

Now it's easy to find the right geosynthetic product for your needs. Just use Thrace-LINQ's simple Product Finder, which you'll find to the left (and on many other pages throughout the site). Search by product category, property, certified application, or functional equivalent. You'll be sure to find an excellent Thrace-LINQ product for your needs.

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